The Michigan Alliance for Latino Education And Culture (MALEC) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization with the mission of helping to improve the educational achievement of Latinos and providing high-quality cultural events in our community.

The Problem

The founders saw a need for an organization to advocate for Latinos in the areas of education and culture. They saw that Latino graduation rates in local high schools are not better than they were years ago and that a high percentage of Latinos are not achieving on par with their White counterparts. Michigan is one of the states with the lowest graduation rates for Latino males. 

The estimated national 2012-13 graduation rate for Latino males was 65% compared to 80% for White, non-Latino males.
— Schott Foundation for Public Education

Another area of concern is Latino community identification with things Latino. As we become a “melting pot” society, our young people are not learning about their cultural roots. Identification with Latino culture can raise the self-esteem and sense of belonging. The presentation of high-quality Latino cultural events will also add to the attractiveness of the general community and give a venue for connecting with other Latinos.

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Rosa Killips - Executive Director
Lorenzo Lopez - Program Coordinator
Nico Killips - Communications Manager


Rosa Killips
Lorenzo Lopez
Bob Killips
Nico Killips
Tony Benavides
Carmen Benavides


Tony Benavides
Carmen Benavides
Nemus Gonzales
Francisca Kidder